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Beyerdynamic DT100

Personalised Beyerdynamic DT100

The DT100 are "THE" studio headphone and have been for decades. Whenever you see shots of people in studios or recording sessions 8/10 times they have these on their heads.
They sit around the ear so are designed to remain comfortable during long studio sessions. They are tough, durable and all the parts can be replaced if they wear out. We also sell velour pads to make them even more comfy.

We can paint the earcups with just about any design and as they are quite large there is plenty of room for us to work on. We have done quite a few of these for people who work in radio, as the studio techs tends to insist on using these, but the stars want to get rid of the 70s styling and have them personalised.
We can also do them at a discount if you buy them in batches - so if you want 10 or so to kit out your studio all with your studio branding on just let us know and we can work out a price

Price: £150 - £200

Technical Data

Trasmission type : Wired

Headphone design : Closed

Headphone Impedance : 400 ohms

Headphone frequency response : 30 - 20,000 Hz

Nominal sound pressure level : 94 db

Construction : Circumaural (around the ear)

Cable & plug : Straight connecting cable with mini-jack plug

PDF download for Beyerdynamic DT100

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We believe you should have headphones that look as good as they sound.

We specialise in customising high quality headphones for professional DJs, musicians, studio professionals and fashionites around the world.