Custom Cans Balanced Uber DT770 headphones for PONO Player

Posted by JFunk on November 21, 2014 in Gallery, Special projects, Technologys

New from our black ops department … A balanced version of our Uber DT770 for use with the Pono Player and other balanced amps and equipment.
We take a stock pair of beyerdynamic DT770 and modify the drivers and enclosures with mass loading and damping to give more detail and bass extension. They are them rewired internally with Litz copper wire in a balanced configuration and fitted with a 4pin MiniXLR to give them a detachable cable. They come supplied with a braided Litz copper cable terminated with balanced connections of your choice and we re-terminate the stock cable with a 4pin MiniXLR as well to allow them to be used as standard unbalanced headphones as well.

With these mods the DT770 become a much warmer and more engaging headphone and would put a lot of headphones twice their price to shame.

They are available here in our shop

Balanced Uber DT770 for pono

This moded and balanced
Version of the DT770 gets the most from the pono without breaking the bank


Capacitance testing on our new audiophile cables

Posted by JFunk on November 17, 2014 in Special projects, Technologys

We are always tweaking and testing our designs. Our latest Litz ultra low capacitance cables have several advantages over our SPC cables. They have even lower capacitance and inductance and eliminate skin effect from the audio spectrum. To do this we started with 84 strand litz copper, it is made up of extremely fine strands of copper which are individually insulated to keep them separate and gives them a very small cross-sectional area. This takes the skin effect way outside the audio spectrum so it keeps the sound neutral. Our original ultra low capacitance cables had around 30pF which was pretty impressive but our new cable now has such a low capacitance it is not measurable on our equipment. A lot of that is due to the litz wire being wrapped in silk rather than using a traditional dielectric coating – it makes it trickier to build but gives better results. The lower capacitance ensures all the frequencies arrive at the same time making it sound more realistic with better timing and impact. The cable also has lower inductance ensuring less crosstalk, better stereo imaging and soundstage. We also do a balanced version which further improves things when used with a balanced headphone amp
Here is a pic … As you can see a stock HD650 cable shows roughly 612pF of capacitance and our cable is below 0.01pF

testing capacitance

here is a picture showing the capacitance on our new headphone cabel


Here are some of this months custom sennheiser HD25-1 and HD25 aluminium headphones

Posted by JFunk on November 15, 2014 in Gallery, Pro DJ Headphones
Custom airbrushed headphones

Custom airbrushed headphones

Custom Cans colour shift headphones

Custom Cans colour shift headphones

patriotic headphones

Some custom sennheiser HD25 with union jack

Custom graffiti headphones by custom cans

Custom graffiti headphones by custom cans

Custom painted sennheiser HD25 Aluminium

Custom painted sennheiser HD25 Aluminium

blue sennheiser HD25

Custom Cans hd25 aluminium

Custom Cans hd25 aluminium

yellow and black sennheiser HD25

yellow and black sennheiser HD25

Purple flames airbrushed sennheiser HD25-1

custom cans airbrushed HD25 aluminium

custom cans airbrushed HD25 aluminium


Balanced XLR to mini TRS cable for the PONO player

Posted by JFunk on November 14, 2014 in Special projects, Technologys

Here is the next in our series of pono cables. This one is a fully balanced cable with separate shields for – and +. Inside each core you have 84 strands of litz copper which is wrapped in silk to give a bit of an air dielectric then an oversized PVC former seperating that from the copper shield then that is covered in paracord in a choice of colours. This cable took most of the day to make so if we start selling them with this spec they would be quite expensive but it is nice to go for it and make an awesome cable now and again. We will be doing some tests on it over the weekend so we can give some accurate figures for capacitance and inductance but they should be pretty low even with the shielding.

Ultimate balanced XLR cable for PONO

This fully shielded balanced cable for pono trs to XLR is top of the line


Entry level balanced cable for the Pono Player and HD600 / HD580 / HD650

Posted by JFunk on November 12, 2014 in Special projects, Technologys

We have been working on a few new cables for the upcoming pono player to give a balanced connection to the headphones. This is our new entry level cable ideal for those who want to take advantage of the balanced output on the pono without breaking the bank. We take a stock OFC HD650 cable and the re-terminate it with twin 3.5mm TRS plugs this gives a seperate connection for the left and right channels this gives better stereo imaging and also as it utilizes both amps in the pono it can drive higher impedance headphones like the HD650 more easily.
Obviously if you have deep pockets and want the bast I would go for our braided litz copper one as it has quite a few advantages over this one but this will give a nice step up from using the stock cable with the pono.

balanced cable for HD600

Basic balanced cable for connecting pono to the HD600 HD650 and HD580

Here is a link so the cable on our shop

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Headphones and cables for the Balanced output on the PONO Player

Posted by JFunk on November 6, 2014 in Special projects, Technologys

We had seen the PONO Player on kickstarter and it had been in the tech and audio press quite a bit in 2013 but now there are finally units being shipped and it looks to be one of the most exciting DAPs to come out in a long time. One thing that made it look particularly interesting to me was the balanced output mode on it giving not only the option of a connecting it via XLRs to a balanced amp but also balanced connection to headphones. As standard on headphones the left and right channels share a common ground connection which holds them back a bit and can cause crosstalk between the two channels. With a balanced connection both left and right are kept seperate with their own + and – wires.

Pono Music player

We now have a cable for the HD650, HD600, HD580 and HD25sp which is designed to be used with the balanced output on the pono and we are working on a couple of custom pairs of headphones designed to work with it as well. We will be selling a balanced version of the DT770 and the HD25 under our Uber range of modified headphones

pono cable 2

You can buy it from our online store here

We are also able to re-wire most headphones to take a balanced input so if you are looking to get the most out of your PONO player just pop us an email and we can work with you to tweak and modify your headphnes



New tool for opening the HD25 aluminium earcups

Posted by JFunk on October 31, 2014 in Dismanteling and re building headphones, Special projects, Technologys
HD25 opening tool

Tool to open the sennheiser HD25 for moding

If you have ever wandered the best way to open the earcup on a pair of sennheiser HD25 and amperior then this is it. We have developed this new tool which quickly and easily opens the earcup of any of the HD25 and amperior range without damaging any of the components.

It took a few prototypes to get it to work smoothly an all the earcups but now even the new HD25 aluminium can be popped open by anyone in seconds BOOM

HD 25 Opening tool – for sale here

If you need one they are going for £7 on ebay


Beyerdynamic detachable cable mod by custom cans

Posted by JFunk on October 15, 2014 in Dismanteling and re building headphones, Special projects, Technologys

The beyerdynamic DT770 have always been a very popular headphone for studio use and because of their great sound quality they are being adopted by the audiophile on a budget community. One thing a lot of people complain about is long fixed cable. There have been quite a few DIY forum threads on the subject but I thought I would do I quick video to show how it is done.
This is of course a service we can offer along with making custom cables for them but if you fancy giving it a go hopefully this should help

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Posted by JFunk on October 2, 2014 in Gallery, Pro DJ Headphones

UV purple HD25-1
Some awesome glowing purple light sennheisr HD25-1

custom engraved sennheiser HD25 aluminium
Some nice custom engraved HD25 aluminium headphones

blue sennheiser HD25-1
Classic blue sennheiser HD25-1 headphones with adidas pads

custom painted ube hd25-1
Custom all white Sennheiser uber HD25-1 headphones for the audiophile on the move

UV orange sennheiser HD25-1 headphones
Some nice Custom tribal tattoo design UV orange sennheiser HD25-1

HD25-1 headphones with pollock splatter design
Some more splatter pattern Sennheiser HD25-1

Custom airbrushed HDJ-2000 with clouds

White and Purple sennheiser HD25-1

Custom Matrix Design DJ Hadphones

Custom White RP-DH1250

Blink Sennheiser HD25-1

Audiophile HD25-1

Airbrushed Sennheiser HD280

Splatter custom sennheiser HD25 DJ headphones

Audiophile Uber HD25-1

Steampunk cog custom HD25 DJ headphones

HD25 with a ski design

Custom UV yellow DJ Headphones

Uber aluminium HD25-1

sennheiser HD25 with custom paint work

UV yellow Sennheisr HD25

Leopard animal print headphones

pink splatter HD25

pink splatter HD25

sennheisr HD25 with custom toystory design

gray Union jack headphones
These are a set of HD25 Aluminium with a gray union jack design custom airbrushed on them

Splatter pattern Sennheiser HD25
Some more of our ever popular splatter pattern sennheiser HD25-1. I have made so many of this type that I may well be the the Jackson Pollock of the headphone world

Custom made HDJ-2000 with LEDs
Here are some custom made Pioneer HDJ-2000 with LEDs all round the outside. They take a verry long time to make but look amaizeballs on stage

These next ones are a batch we made for soundworks studios – having them custom designed stops them from being mixed up with other peoples ones and helps stop them from being stolen. They asked to have a random series with classic synths and audio equipment on them and it was great fun. We have done batches of lots of the same for people and lots of one off individual designs but I think this is the first “collection” on a theme we have knocked out
Synth design cystom DT770 Headphones

synth art beyer DT770

These beyer headphones have an image of a roland synth on

DT770 with custom Moog design

Analogue synth headphones

beyer DT770 with old school reel to reel design

DT770 headphones with roland synth design


Custom Modified Fostex T50RP

Posted by JFunk on August 21, 2014 in Special projects

The T50RP are well know for having massive potential for improvement so we thought we would give it a quick go.
These had mass loaded drivers,modified baffle, upgraded damping and they were recabled with silver cable

Custom modified T50RP

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