We are auctioning off a custom balanced pair of T70

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We have a pair very special pair of custom beyerdynamic T70 we made for a show and are now auctioning off. So click the link below to grab your self a bargain.

Balanced Beyerdynamic T70

Custom designed Beyerdynamic T70 with detachable balanced cable



We are now doing UK headphone repairs

Posted by JFunk on April 28, 2015 in Special projects, Technologys

With our years of tinkering experience we decided to start offering repairs on high end and DJ headphones as well as re-cabling, modifying and tweaking for a sensible price. We have access to a lot of spare parts and experience custom making bits to order so should be able to repair and refresh most headphones. Don’t get me wrong…. it you break your £20 hello kitty headphones then the cost involved would make them uneconomical to repair but if you have a £100+ pair of beloved headphones that develop a fault then repairing them is probably a good option. So if you have need of someone who is handy with a soldering iron and experience breathing new life into tired audio equipment them check out our new site

UK Headphone repairs



Some cheeky Star Wars Fan art headphones

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I have always been a sci-fi geek and star wars is still one of my faves so I could not turn this request down. They are done with a combination of airbrushing and waterslide decals – they took ages to make but they turned out better than I imagined. They have darth vader on one side and a storm trooper on the other. The heaband hs little tie fighters and starfield effect on one side fading to white on the other

Darth vader Headphones

Some airbrushed fan art darth vader headphones

Storm trooper headphones

Some airbrushed storm trooper sennheiser HD25-1

Starwars headphones

Custom fan art HD25-1

Star Wars HD25

Some starwars inspired sennheiser HD25

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New website and Shop Design update

Posted by JFunk on April 27, 2015 in Special projects

Our websites are looking a bit tired now and some of the links never worked properly so we are slowly redesigning them bit by bit.
The new JFunk.org website is now up and starting to take shape so check it out.


We also had an issue with the shop’s template which meant some sales could not complete and after a couple of nights trying to fix it I ended up giving up and starting again. The shop has had to be pretty much redesigned from scratch – it still needs a little tweaking but it is getting there. Check it out here



This months batch of custom headphones

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Here are some of my fave custom headphones we’ve made this month

Custom adidas originals HD25

Custom airbrushed Adidas HD25 headphones

smilie HD25 Aluminium

Custom designed smily hd25 aluminium headphones

Geometric design headphones

Geometric design sennheiser HD25 with concentric circle pattern

Flame red HD25 Alu

Custom designed flame red sennheiser HD25 Aluminium headphones

gem stone sennheiser HD25

HD25-1 with custom gem design

champagn gold HD25 Alu

Custom airbrushed sennheiser HD25 Aluminium in champagne gold

requiem Custom Headphones

Custom designed sennheiser HD25-1 mk ii headphones with requiem tribal design

Swarovski Pioneer HDJ 2000

Pioneer HDJ-2000 covered in swarovski crystals

green purple colour shift HD25 headphones

Custom airbrushed sennheiser HD25-1 headphones with a green and purple colour shift effect

White HD25-1 with blue pads

Custom white sennheiser HD25-1 with blue adidas pads

gold HD25 Aluminium

Metallic gold sennheiser HD25 aluminium

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Ultra low capacitance Balanced cable for the HD650

Posted by JFunk on March 27, 2015 in Special projects, Technologys

The latest in our range of ultra low capacitance cables is is this balanced cable for HD650, HD600 and HD580. This comes terminated in a 4pin XLR to plug into high end headphone amps but can be ordered with two 3 pins or anything else you need.
This one is roughly 0.17pF for a 1.5m cable and is super soft and flexible to make it possibly the ultimate audiophile cable for the HD650

Balanced cable for sennheiser HD650 with 4pin XLR

Capacitance testing the HD650 balanced cable

Testing the capacitance or our balanced HD650 cable

Buy it in our shop HERE

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New Ultra low capacitance RCA cables we have developed

Posted by JFunk on March 17, 2015 in Special projects, Technologys

For the past year we have been working on a range of audio cables with very low capacitance. In our listening tests getting the capacitance as low as possible seems to make a more noticeable improvement in sound than changing the conductor to silver or using other exotic materials in the construction. Our initial design got the capacitance right down to around 30pF which is considerably lower than just about any RCA cables and we got really good feedback from our customers. Our original design is made with teflon coated silver plated copper then used clever geometry to get the capacitance and inductance as low as possible. The one thing that was holding them back was that even though teflon is a great dielectric it does still build up a small charge adding to the capacitance.
After a bit of theorizing and a lot of trial and error our new one uses silk covered litz copper. The silk is not there because it sounds cool or has any magic properties.. It just creates a small air gap between the wire and the outer cover – this seems to help stop the wire acting like a capacitor and building a charge. It sounds exotic but does not cost any more than teflon SPC so we can keep the price the same and get better results.

I present our new Ultra low capacitance silk covered Litz cable… Including the connectors a 1m cable now has less than 4pF – BOOM

Low capacitance RCA cables

Ultra low capacitance rca phono cables made of silk covered litz copper

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Custom balanced Beyer T70 with detachable cable.

Posted by JFunk on February 13, 2015 in Pro DJ Headphones, Technologys

These were a bit of a personal project – I love the DT770 and the T1 and was wandering how the T70 fits into the lineup. So I ordered some in to have a bit of a play. As you would probably expect the T70 sounds better than the DT770 and not as good as the T1. Like the DT1350 the bass is a little recessed but very detailed – overall a nice pair of closed backed headphones.
After having a listen to them stock I decided to give them a touch of flair.
This pair has been given a custom colour shift emerald paint job with a vinyl lover stencil design. They have been re-cabled with out ultra low capacitance litz copper wire and re-wired internally to take a balanced connection. They have also got a detachable cable.

Balanced Beyerdynamic T70

Custom designed Beyerdynamic T70 with detachable balanced cable

Since making a lot of toys to go with the balanced output on pono we are doing a lot more balanced conversions on beyerdynamic headphones. The theory is much the same for all the different models but it gets scarier as you go up the range due to the cost involved if something goes wrong – so far we have not lost a patient so I may give some T5p the same treatment soon

You can pick this pair up here

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Balanced Beyerdynamic DT1350 headphones for Pono Player

Posted by JFunk on February 12, 2015 in Pro DJ Headphones, Special projects, Technologys

Here is another pair of balanced headphones for Pono Player. These are some beyer DT1350 which have been re-cabled with our low capacitance litz copper and re-wired internally to make them balanced. On the other end of the cable is a 4pin MiniXLR socket so you can plug in a choice of adapters to work with various other balanced and unbalanced configurations.
These ones have been airbrushed in british racing green and yellow to make them really stand out

Custom Balanced DT1350 for pono

Modified Beyerdynamic tesla DT1350 with balanced connection to pono

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Uber HD650 with balanced cable for the PONO Player

Posted by JFunk on January 19, 2015 in Special projects, Technologys

Here we have another in our range of modified headphones designed to take advantage of hi-res audio and balanced output on the PONO Player. Keeping with our theme of taking already great headphones and making them better we have plumped for the HD650 ( we also the the same mods on the HD600 as well )
The HD650 have been very popular in the audiophile community for a long time and are now widely being used in studios as well. They are very comfortable for extended listening periods and have a lovely open airy sound. You can close your eyes and you feel like you are there listening live. The only real complaint most people have it that they sound a little veiled and maybe a bit too smooth. This is great for MP3s as they are quite forgiving of the digital artefacts but in the age of High resolution audio we thought they could probably produce a bit more detail and be made a bit more engaging with a few tweaks.

On this version we have removed the foam from the back of the driver which is a popular mod in the DIY community and really livens them up a bit. We then mass load and brace the driver using lead to help the low end detail.

We also swap the stock cable for one of our ultra low capacitance ones the improve timing and impact which again brings out the added detail of FLAC and high-res sources . We can supply an adapter so you can use the balanced pono cable with other equipment as well for a small extra cost

The lead adds mass which helps the driver reproduce the very low frequencies more accurately. We did a bit of testing using a similar mass of clay and the lead seemed to improve things more noticeably. We are still not 100% sure why the lead made additional improvements but it may be something to do with leads diamagnetic properties pushing some of the magnetic flux back in towards the voice coil – either way it livens up the HD650 and HD600 and gives more low end detail.

You can buy them now in our shop HERE

upgraded HD650 with tweaks for hi-res audio

upgraded HD650 with tweaks for hi-res audio

Headphones for Pono Balanced and tweaked HD650

Headphones for Pono
Balanced and tweaked HD650

Modified HD650 with opened up drivers and mass loading

Modified HD650 with opened up drivers and mass loading


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