Another batch of custom airbrushed headphones

Posted by JFunk on 14/08/2015 in Gallery, Pro DJ Headphones |

It has been a little while since I got round to posting some pics of our works of headphone art so here is a little round up of some of the ones yo have missed. First of we have this flame red pair – simple but effective https://customcans.co.uk/s/s/index.php/headphones/onecolourhd25/flame-red-sennheiser-hd25-1-mk-ii-pro-dj-headphones-hd-25.html next up we have these blue and […]

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Thing of the day – Day 4

Posted by JFunk on 13/08/2015 in Gallery, Special projects |

I suppose the main point of starting this thing of the day project was to prompt the team to finish all the half started projects. Quite a while ago we started buying up interesting looking vintage headsets with the idea of moding them to work with modern portable audio equipment. Unfortunately we were so busy […]



Thing of the day

Posted by JFunk on 12/08/2015 in Gallery, Special projects, Technologys |

We have set our selves the challenge of coming up with one creative thing a day. A product, invention or piece of art every day for a month and then blog about it. Unfortunately we got so carried away coming up with things that I forgot to add the first two days to the blog.. […]


Balanced Beyerdynamic T1 with detachable cable

Posted by JFunk on 30/07/2015 in Gallery, General, Special projects, Technologys |

We are now offering modified beyerdynamic T1 headphones. They have a 4pin miniXLR in the earcups and come with a choice of balanced cables. We have also done some modifications to the damping on the earcups to smooth out the treble peak they have. We are also able to offer a send in service so […]

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Working on some Star Wars headphones

Posted by JFunk on 17/07/2015 in Pro DJ Headphones |

I am working on another pair of star wars fan art sennheiser HD25. This sort of thing takes a bit longer than most pairs and if you add up the time I probably make a loss on them but it is a labor of love. I am thinking of adding a glow in the dark […]

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It’s all about the bling this week

Posted by JFunk on 15/07/2015 in Gallery, Pro DJ Headphones |

Yesterday we had the swarovski covered HD25s and today we have some painted gold. Tomorrow we have a pair done in gold leaf so it looks like bling it the thing at the moment 😉

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Sennheiser HD25 covered in swarovski crystals

Posted by JFunk on 14/07/2015 in Pro DJ Headphones, Special projects |

We have not made these for a long time as they take a lot of work to do but I think I am getting quicker at doing them now. These have nearly 2000 swarovski crystals covering them. The trickiest part is the headband, if the crystals touch each other they will interfere with each other […]

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Custom Designed studio headphones

Posted by JFunk on 09/07/2015 in Pro DJ Headphones |

We seem to mostly make custom headphones for DJs and audiophiles but now and again we get to do some studio headphones. It surprises me more studios and producers don’t get them customized as I know the plain ones get “accidentally” taken home by bands and artists all the time. Here are some custom DT770 […]

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Some glow in the dark DJ headphones

Posted by JFunk on 07/07/2015 in Pro DJ Headphones, Special projects, Technologys, Uncategorized |

We have had the ability to make some things glow in the dark but recently we have been doing it differently. The supplier of the pigment recommends putting it on as a coating over the design and then the lighter areas glow but it was a bit restrictive and gave mixed results. What we are […]

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Some of my favorite custom airbrushed headphones from the past couple of months

Posted by JFunk on 07/07/2015 in Gallery, Pro DJ Headphones |

Here is another batch of custom headphones I am quite proud of. This pair of tattoo inspired sennheiser HD25 with sugar skulls, guns and roses took a very long time to make. Most of the individual pictures were done as digitally printed decals as there was more detail than we could purely do with an […]


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