Prototype XMOS DAC with USB audio 2.0 support

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I am slowly building a high end headphone amp from bits and bobs I can pick up on line. So far I have built two amp boards based on a lehmann design and have swapped out most of the capacitors for better quality ones. I have an RCore transformer to keep the noise down and a high end stepping potentiometer. Now one of the final pieces of the puzzle… I decent a asynchronous USB DAC capable of crazy bitrates. All together I have spent around £100 on parts and when it is finished I suspect it would go toe to toe with most sub £500 amps.
I do plan on making something we can sell once I have worked out the bugs but I suspect once I have built the case and stuff they would probably retail for around £300

I could not wait to plug the DAC in and give it a go to see what all the fuss is about. We normally use an arcam rPac which was around £130 and is not a bad DAC from what I have read but as soon as I plugged in the XMOS one I could hear the difference – much more detail and brighter sound – I am now super excited about putting it all together

asynchronous USB DAC



Combining art and engineering

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When in college I initially took engineering specializing in electronics then did a course in are and design after that. It is always nice when I can use both disciplines on one job.
I am making a extra special pair of beyerdynamic custom one pro with LED light up earcups. To make it extra special we are making special clear plastic lenses with the name etched onto the back so it looks all 3d inside the perspex and allows the light from the LEDs to shine through in the right places.
Do do this I initially mocked up the design on the computher, then cut masks on our plotter cutter so I knew where everything was going to go as it all neede to line up for the laser engraving to look right. Then hand airbrushed the design in reverse on the back of the lens before sticking them in the laser engraver for a few passes at different heights to get the 3d effect.

Hopefully when they are finished they will look super awesome



Custom Designed studio headphones

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We seem to mostly make custom headphones for DJs and audiophiles but now and again we get to do some studio headphones. It surprises me more studios and producers don’t get them customized as I know the plain ones get “accidentally” taken home by bands and artists all the time.

Here are some custom DT770 pro we just made for someone with white pads so they really stand out

dt770 pro in white

Some customized beyerdynamic DT770 pro in white with green and orange splatter


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Some glow in the dark DJ headphones

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We have had the ability to make some things glow in the dark but recently we have been doing it differently. The supplier of the pigment recommends putting it on as a coating over the design and then the lighter areas glow but it was a bit restrictive and gave mixed results. What we are now doing is making headphones white, then coating them in glow in the dark pigment then building the design up on top masking off the white areas we want to keep glow in the dark and using transparrent paint where we want it to glow through a little this is letting us do designs that look sharper when they glow.

DJ Tide Headphones

Glow in the dark sennheiser HD7 headphones

Glow in the dark sennheiser HD25 alu

Some glow in the dark sennheiser HD25 aluminim earcups

I foolishly sent these ones out without taking a picture of them in the dark but …. you can imagine they were awesome

frainbreeze HD25-1

SOme glow in the dark swoosh design sennheiser HD25-1 mk II for frainbreeze


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Some custom balanced beyerdynamic T90

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There is a lot of love for the beyerdynamic T90 but the lack of detachable cable annoys some people. With the rising popularity of balanced headphones if you want a balanced pair of beyerdynamic headphones you are pretty much limited to the T1.
We are out to fix that by offering detachable cable and balanced versions of most of the beyerdynamic range.

Here is a pair of T90 which have been converted to dual entry detachable cable and a balanced 4pin xlr

Balanced beyerdynamic T90

Some beyerdynamic T90 which have been converted to be used with a 4pin XLR balanced amp

Beyerdynamic T90 Detachable cable

Some beyerdynamic T90 with a detachable cable mod


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Some of my favorite custom airbrushed headphones from the past couple of months

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Here is another batch of custom headphones I am quite proud of.

This pair of tattoo inspired sennheiser HD25 with sugar skulls, guns and roses took a very long time to make. Most of the individual pictures were done as digitally printed decals as there was more detail than we could purely do with an airbrush but there is also a bit of penwork and airbrushing in there as well


These next ones were partially done with a decal as well… the face was a decal, the text was sprayed on using masks and then the smoke/sound waves were freehand airbrushed on to them

basshoven headphones

some custom sennheiser hd25-1 personalized for dj basshoven

These are some more classic splatter pattern ones. First the logo was masked out on a white pair of headphones, then they were splattered in a jackson pollock style and finally a the shadow was sprayed on using transparent black – then when the mask is pealed off to revel the white underneath they really popped

jackson pollock headphones

some custom dj headphones splattered in a jackson pollock style for Scott Fallon

These took a very long time to get right – it is surprising how much you have to distort things to make them look right when painted on a curved surface

delicious hd25

delicious airbrushed headphones customized by custom cans

Sometimes it is nice to keep it simple – these custom white HD25 Aluminium have nice clean lines and subtle logo – classy

white aluminium hd25

Some classy individual headphones




We are auctioning off a custom balanced pair of T70

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We have a pair very special pair of custom beyerdynamic T70 we made for a show and are now auctioning off. So click the link below to grab your self a bargain.

Balanced Beyerdynamic T70

Custom designed Beyerdynamic T70 with detachable balanced cable




We are now doing UK headphone repairs

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With our years of tinkering experience we decided to start offering repairs on high end and DJ headphones as well as re-cabling, modifying and tweaking for a sensible price. We have access to a lot of spare parts and experience custom making bits to order so should be able to repair and refresh most headphones. Don’t get me wrong…. it you break your £20 hello kitty headphones then the cost involved would make them uneconomical to repair but if you have a £100+ pair of beloved headphones that develop a fault then repairing them is probably a good option. So if you have need of someone who is handy with a soldering iron and experience breathing new life into tired audio equipment them check out our new site

UK Headphone repairs




Some cheeky Star Wars Fan art headphones

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I have always been a sci-fi geek and star wars is still one of my faves so I could not turn this request down. They are done with a combination of airbrushing and waterslide decals – they took ages to make but they turned out better than I imagined. They have darth vader on one side and a storm trooper on the other. The heaband hs little tie fighters and starfield effect on one side fading to white on the other

Darth vader Headphones

Some airbrushed fan art darth vader headphones

Storm trooper headphones

Some airbrushed storm trooper sennheiser HD25-1

Starwars headphones

Custom fan art HD25-1

Star Wars HD25

Some starwars inspired sennheiser HD25


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New website and Shop Design update

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Our websites are looking a bit tired now and some of the links never worked properly so we are slowly redesigning them bit by bit.
The new JFunk.org website is now up and starting to take shape so check it out.


We also had an issue with the shop’s template which meant some sales could not complete and after a couple of nights trying to fix it I ended up giving up and starting again. The shop has had to be pretty much redesigned from scratch – it still needs a little tweaking but it is getting there. Check it out here



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