Here are some more custom headphones we made recently

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Some awesome glow in the dark iron man styme beyerdynamic DT1350
Iron Man DT1350 dj headphones
A rare pair of custom HDJ-500. For some reason pioneer wont sell to us directly so we don’t do many of these
Customised Pioneer HDJ-500
I am loving these UV splatter HD25 we have been making recently
Tribal waves UV splatter HD25
Some nice hawiian style sennheiser hd25-1 mkii
Floury patterened Sennheiser HD25-1
Some custom Sennheiser HD25-1 for eton messy
eton messy custom sennheiser HD25-1 mk ii DJ headphones
Here are some nice shimery rockstar silver Beyerdynamic DT100 Studio headphones
Custom rockstar silver beyerdynamic DT100 Studio headphnes
Rise of the machine Pioneer HDJ-2000 hand drawn by my own fair hand
ROTM custom hdj-2000
Digital cammo custom sennheiser HD25-1 mk ii
digital camo custom sennheiser hd25 mk ii
Iron man style custom sennheiser HD25-1 mkii
Iron man style custom sennheiser HD25-1 mkii



Dismantling the sennheiser HD25 Aluminum

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As you may have read previously on this blog … We have been having a play around with the new HD25 Aluminium. They are pretty much identical in construction to the original HD25. With the original HD25 we did a proper dismantling video here
HD25 Dismantling video
Then we did a blindfold dismantling video when we got hold of the adidas ones
Blindfold Adidas HD25 challange

So for the Aluminiums we decided to up the stakes a little

To be honest …. I hope thy don’t release another version or I may have to do it whist wrestling a bear 😉




Here are some of my Favourite Headphones which we have made for people recently

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It has been a while since I last did one of these so here are some of the custom headphones we have done since we moved to the new workshop
Burnt orange zebra
Red Anarchy custrom technics RP-DH1200
Custom lichtenstein beyerdynamic custom one
Ultraviolet splatter polloc style sennheiser HD25-1
panda headphones

These M Bison ones may be for sale here

mbison nes streatfighter headphones
Modern art dt100
LED light up pioneed hdj-2000 dj headphones
LED light up technics rpdh1200 dj headphones
blood splatter sennheiser HD25-1 DJ headphones

Some more rise of the machine ones – these take so long to do we loose money on every pair but they look the shiznit

Rise of the machine sennheiser HD25-1 DJ Headphones
UV yellow Sennheiser HD25
Santo loco skull custom dj headphones
UV splatter pollok sennheiser HD 25-1
ROTM Beyerdynamic DT770
rainbow sparkle  sennheiser HD25-1 mk II
Adidas originas custom sennheiser HD25
Steampunk beyerdynamic DT990 PRo custom open backed headphones
Dragon scales pioneer HDJ-2000
DJ Stompy splatter HD25
Lowkiss splatter HD25 dj headphones
ben parkin custom dj headphones
return to cybertron sennheiser HD25-1
AZtek gold sennheiser HD25-1
purple haze beyerdynamic DT1350



New Sennheiser HD25 Aluminium 25th anniversary edition

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We have just take delivery of the new HD25 Aluminium. They are an updated version of the standard HD25-1 with a few tweaks o make them feel and sound better. They have the same earcups as the sennheiser amperior so they are machined from a solid block of aluminium which adds more rigidity and a little more mass to the earcups which improves the quality of the bass – a bit like the Uber moded HD25 below. They also have new pads which feel more like real leather and have more memory foam like padding to make them more comfortable and make a better seal. They also come with a nice zip up case to keep them in.
We are one of the first places to have them in stock. You can buy them here
Custom cans shop

They are £209 for plain ones and well worth every penny but we can customise them as well – you are looking at roughly £260 for custom ones

The HD 25 is one of the headphones most requested by live sound engineers and has become an icon of electronic music and a fixture in DJ booths around the world.
To mark the 25th anniversary of the HD 25, Sennheiser has created the new HD 25 ALUMINIUM. Improving on the best, Sennheiser has combined the longstanding sound signature of the HD 25 with a distinctive premium aluminium finish.
Just like the original model, the HD 25 ALUMINIUM is built to satisfy even the most demanding professional. The sound performance offers tightly controlled bass and detailed treble while handling high sound pressure levels. The rotatable capsules are perfect for one-ear monitoring and offer impressive attenuation of background noise, while staying comfortable for long periods of use.
Individually lathed from single blocks of aluminium, the metal earcups give the headphones a unique appearance while taking the clear sound to new heights by further minimizing the resonances in audible range.
And the guaranteed Sennheiser serviceability, robust build quality and features like the tough replaceable steel cable make the HD 25 ALUMINIUM more than a match for even the most intense performances – ready for life on tour.

The HD 25s made their commercial debut in in 1988. They were originally developed for outside broadcasting, featuring rotatable capsules that were ideal for one-ear monitoring and offered impressive attenuation of background noise, while staying comfortable for long periods of use.
Soon the HD 25s would establish themselves as THE standard for sound recordings in film, broadcast and television, used by sound engineers for monitoring work.
With growing demand, Sennheiser introduced the HD 25 SP, a more affordable version for professional use with simplified magnets, copper inductor and reduced weight.
From 1989 to 2004 British Airways used the HD 25 BA for passengers on board their Concorde flights. Due to their excellent performance in high-noise environments, they were perfectly suited for passenger use on planes, blocking engine and wind noise with their closed design and secure fit. Music professionals and performers travelling in style took notice. Passengers liked them so much; they occasionally took the headphones with them.
From 2000 the headphones were increasingly seen behind the DJ decks of famous clubs. DJ fans include superstars such as Bob Sinclar, Luciano and QBert.




The Audiophile Uber moded Sennheiser HD25-1 mk II are now officially for sale

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As you may or may not know – we have been working on some sonic modifications to the sennheiser HD25-1 for over a year now and I am now pretty sure we have squeezed almost every drop of awesomeness out of them now.

custom cans Uber HD25-1

We have been pulling apart and modifying the HD25 for four or five years now and after over a year of tweaking and testing we are now offering the Uber edition for sale to the general public. The HD25 have been around for 25 years now and have won acclaim for their flat response, fun sound and detailed mids. They are great headphones with a brilliant reputation but we always knew they had more to give. These Uber edition ones have several modifications to squeeze more detail across the range and help them drop lower for better resolution in the bass/ sub bass region.

The modifications we have done to these are as follows ..

We have uprated the damping in the earcup to make them sound more open – essentially we have removed the felt disc inside the earcup and instead lined the inside of the cup with bituminous vibration ramping material – this stops resonance in the earcup an helps them sound more open as there is a bit more air volume to play with behind the driver.

We have mass loaded the rear of the driver and the driver enclosure. As you may know every action has an equal and opposite reaction – due to the HD25s lightweight construction a fare amount of the energy from the driver goes into vibrating the earcups. We have added lead weights strategically placed on the driver to add extra weight in the right places to ensure that more of the energy from the diaphragm is turned into sound rather than being absorbed by vibrating the casing. This gives a lot more bass detail and makes them less boomy – you can hear a lot more texture and impact in a basslines. After we had done that ther was probably a bit too much bass so we have also reduced the size of the bass ports in the driver which further tightens things up and stops the bass from overpowering the mids/ highs

Thirdly and probably most importantly we have replaced the steel cable they come with as standard with one of our audiophile cables http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=140983727006&ssPageName=STRK:MESE:IT
They come with a steel cable as standard as they are designed for use by camera men and audio pros – the steel gives the cable high tensile strength while keeping it light weight but is not great for sound quality. Some people are not cable believers and personally I would be hard pressed to tell the difference from one copper cable to another but the jump from steel to spc is very noticeable. The steel cable has a resistance of 4ohms and the audiophile cable is not measurable with a standard multimeter – this is because silver has much lower resistance meaning more of the signal from your equipment goes into making sound rather than heat. The cable is also braided by hand and covered in PTFE to protect it from RFI and EMI and has 4 cores – with seperate negative cables for left and right to help a little with crosstalk or we can re-wire them to give a balanced connection for a little extra.

As I said – We have been testing them for quite a while and have been lucky enough to have them reviewed online already – http://www.inearspace.co.uk/inearspace/Custom_Cans_Uber_Modded_Sennhesier_HD-25-1_II.html – the ones we sent for review were airbrushed but the rest of the mods were the same as these.
We were also lucky enough to make a pair for a few top audiophile DJs like Mr Scruff ( our favorate DJ here in the office 😉
mr scruff wearing our custom cans headphones

Photograph by http://www.raychanphotography.com/

We also had a few pairs we were showing off at the Head-Fi meet in London which wend down so well that we had quite a few people ask to buy a pair as a result which has prompted us to list them on ebay

headphone geek out

The headphones will come in plain black apart from the cable which you can have in any colour – Or if you want something very special we can customise the headphones but they will be £40-£70 extra depending on the design

They are already listed on ebay

Or if you want to order a custom pair just fill in the form on the page below


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We are now selling Frugal Horn MK3 DIY flat pack full range horn speakers

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We have been playing around with full range horn speakers in the office for about a year and just love the “live” sound you get from them an punchy kick drum sounds they deliver. If you have not come across full range horn speakers before they use a horn to take the energy normally wasted at the back of the driver and use it to reproduce the lower notes. This makes them super efficient and you can fill a large room with only a few watts which makes them great for working with valve amps and T amps. They are also single driver design so all the sound comes from a single point rather than the treble coming from one place and the mids and bass coming from somewhere else which makes them sound more realistic and natural. Because they only have one driver they also don’t need or have crossovers which means there is a totally clean signal path from the amp to the driver and nothing in lost in the crossover.

The flat pack kit is designed to be easy to build and is made from the highest grade 18mm birch ply and when built they are really solid
Check out our Shop Page for more details or just message us on facebook if you have any questions

New frugal horn mk3 kit

Buy the frugal horn mk3 kit


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Mr scruff to help test our new Uber HD25

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We have been working on an Uber modified version of the Sennheiser HD25-1 for quite some time now. Originally we were going to launch it just over a year ago but unfortunately it coincided with sennheiser’s launch of the Amperior so I thought I would keep it on the back burner until the time is right. Since then I have kept playing with them and improving a few things and now they are ready to be let loose in the wild. We have a few people on board to do the final testing but the most interesting is probably Mr Scruff.

For whom we have made a very special pair with his trade marked potato people

The HD25-1 mk II are already great headphones but these have a few tweaks to make them sound even better. The drivers have been mass loaded to help more of the energy go into making sound rather than vibrating the case. The damping has been uprated inside the earcup and probably the biggest change is that we have ditched the standard steel cable. Steel is not a very good conductor and nearly all other headphones use copper. On these we have gone all out by fitting them with one of our audiophile cables. They have silver plated copper conductors, seperate grounds for each ear, teflon dielectric and they are wrapped in paracord to keep them strong.

All this tweaking gives them more detail across the board and slightly more bass extension to bring out the sub bass.

They will be available for sale at the end of the month



Custom DT770 With detachable cable

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We have just finished a very special pair of Beyerdynamic DT770. The DT770 are very popular with the PRO audio types but we have had quite a few requests to make them with a detachable cable. So we finally gave in and got the R&D department going on it. In the end we decided to go with a mini XLR socket in the earcup as it means the cable clips into place firmly and can not be yanked out by accident like a 3.5mm jack could be. While we were at it we re-cabled them with hand braded teflon coated silver plated copper wire inside and out to make them less prone to RFI, EMI and give them a slightly brighter sound. These are the 1st pair we have done like this but it now we know how it will be an option open to anyone with DT770, DT880 or DT990. I also thing the socket we chose looks really cool 😉

Custom DT770 with detachable cable



We Have moved.

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We had out grown our old unit and have been looking for somewhere new for quite a while. Finally we found somewhere that fits the bill, 3 times bigger, good natural light, ventilation for the extractors and where we can make as much noise as we like. The chaps at AVM business center were kind enough to sort us out with a great space in an old industrial building for a price we can afford. We have spent a few days building the spray booth and blocking up all the wholes to keep in the heat and we are now it is nearly finished.

The new bat cave

custom cans new bat cave

Hopefully with the extra space we can work on some bigger and even more exciting projects



Selection of new custom headphones

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Check out some of these custom designs we’ve been working on

Grey Camouflage

Neon Yellow Smilies

Pokeball Style

Neon Yellow Skull and Crossbones

Glow in the Dark Splatter Pattern

Custom Matrix Headphones


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