Dismanteling the Senneiser HD25-1 / HD25-13 / HD25C Headphones

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I Know the HD 25s are designed so that every part is user serviceable but I also know a lot of people are still scared of pulling them apart. So here is a guide with lots of picks. These are definitely the easiest DJ headphones to dismantle and I take my hat off to sennheiser for that. Any way….. Lets get on with it.

I know it seems silly but you might as well start from the beginning

Stage 1
Un boxing. Like the rest of the headphones the box is simple and well designed, just pop it open and undo a twistick to remove the headphones from their bag. Anyone who has unboxed a pair of panasonics will know it is not always that simple.

sennheiser hd25-1 box
HD25c bag
unboxed HD25-13

Stage 2
Remove the right earcup. Unhook the cable from the right earpod by pulling it out. Then slide the cup down to the bottom of the headband then use a little extra force to get it to pop off the end.

Removing the hd 25-1 earpod

Stage 3
Remove the cable from the headband. Grasping the connector you have just unplugged carefully pull the cable out of the groove on the inside of the headband. Take it slow as you don,t want to break it.

removing the sennheiser hd25 cable

Stage 4
Now remove the left cup using the same method used on the right

removing left earcup

Stage 5
Unscrew these two screws holding the cable on to the earcup. On the 25C there is only 2 screws, on the 25-1 and 25-13 the cable is sandwidged inbetween two plastic runners so as you remove the screws make sure you don’t lose them

remove the hd25c cable
detached cable dj aheadphones

Stage 6
Unscrew this screw with a medium flat head screw driver. Once you have unscrewed the second one on the other side the rest of the headband pieces should come apart. If you check the second photo this is what it should look like now

unscrew the headband
dismantled headband

Stage 7
Unpeel the padding. The padding is held on with double sided sticky tape… Carefully peel them off you don’t want to tare them!


Stage 8
Unhook the ear cushion. Poke your finger inside the earpad and gently pull it away from the body. Underneath there will be a foam disk which just comes away.

ear cushion
Dismantled earpad

Stage 9
Dismantle the ear pod. Hold the earpod by it’s sides and firmly press the centre part ( the bit with the writing/screw wholes on) the the driver should pop out. Inside there is a disk of sound absorbing material which again just comes away.

HD 25-1 driver

And your done… you should now have a fully dismantled pair of HD25s
fully dismantled hd25s



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